Factory Projects

EMT has gained a lot of experience over the years through our works as a manufacturer of blending, bagging and transport equipment in the fertilizer industry.
With our many years of experience we can offer full factory fertilizer solutions for the specific needs of out customers.
Check out one of the projects below and see how we can help you with your factory project.

Atena – France

A state-of-the-art Urea treating, NPK blending, sieving, and coating line.

Ballance – New Zealand

A 240-ton – 315 m3 per hour fertilizer blending unit with big bagging and bulkloading.

Yara – Thailand

Fertiliser coating, transporting and the filling of 25-50KG bags with robot handling.

ISAOSA – Mexico

An 200 meter double machine line with a capacity of 300 ton p/h From bulk to bagging.

Agron – South Africa

An installation for receiving – distributing– blending and packing of fertiliser products


A full factory installation for bulk handling, blending and packing of fertilizer products.



One of our bigger projects, ISAOSA in the port of Topolobampo at the Gulf of California in Mexico.

The complete machine is more than 200 m in length and is designed to run at a capacity of 300 tph. This capacity is achieved by running two lines in parallel to one another – this ensures the blend quality is high and filling of the machine can be achieved by multiple front loaders simultaneously.



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