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High Capacity Bagging with a Inline Coating Weighcont blender


EMT Installs a – 120 Ton per hour – Urea coating, Continuous blending, high capacity small bagging installation in Venuzuela

In the initial quarter of 2024, EMT successfully completed the installation of a cutting-edge Weighcont blending system alongside a Small Bagging Quattro line at Agropace in Venezuela. This installation enables the segregation of Urea prior to its integration into the Weighcont Continuous mixer. As a result, liquid additives can be precisely incorporated into the urea alone, providing a distinct advantage in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Coupled with a Small Bagging Quattro line, this setup delivers a high-capacity blending and small bagging solution.

Fertilizer blending and bagging

In a significant leap forward for agricultural productivity, EMT is proud to announce the successful installation of a comprehensive suite of advanced machinery in Venezuela. This strategic deployment includes our cutting-edge Urea Coating Machine, 4 hopper Weighcont blender, Micro doser hopper, an 11-meter Elevator, and the Small Bags Quattro Line, all designed to significantly boost efficiency and precision in fertilizer handling and packaging.


Urea Coating

This first hopper with liquid adding installtions in the weighcont blending system ensures optimal coating of urea with inhibitors and enhancing nutrient efficiency. Its precise application guarantees that the urea is effectively protected, ensuring that crops receive the sustained release of nutrients essential for growth adding more value for farmers.

Blending the products

Weighcont Blending

Once the Urea is coated, the Weighcont system embodies precision and dependability in continuous weighing and dosing operations. With a capacity of 120 tons per hour in this particular installation, it is engineered for seamless integration into production lines, guaranteeing accurate weight measurements for bulk materials and thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Complementing this system are our two micro-nutrient hoppers positioned at the culmination of the Weighcont. Precision is paramount in micro-dosing, and our machinery ensures the exact delivery of nutrients. This technology plays a pivotal role in the precise application of micronutrients, bolstering crop yield and quality by ensuring plants receive the optimal amount of essential nutrients.

The final step

Small Bagging

After the blending in the Weighcont and coating system the product is transported to the small bagging hopper trought a 11 meter high elevator. This elevator, capable of 250 tons per hour, is constructed out of stainless steel just like all the other product handling materials in this machine line.
The last machine in this line, the small bags Quattro line, is the final step of this installation. Engineered for high-speed, precise filling of small bags, this line can achieve up to 2000 bags per hour, depending on bagging conditions. By seamlessly combining automation and accuracy, the Small Bags Quattro Line ensures swift packaging without compromising on weight precision, thus upholding the highest standards of quality and efficiency at the Agropace installation.

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