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EMT’s equipment is the top selection for fertilizer handling equipment.

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EMT has a certified ISO 9001 quality management system to always ensure the best quality.

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Also for high quallity full factory solutions EMT is the right supplier, from bagging machine to bulkbox.

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Factory projects

With over 500 installations worldwide EMT has gained a lot of experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining full factory solutions. To see what solutions we can offer one of the factory projects underneath.

Isaosa – Mexico

An 200 meter double machine line with a capacity of 300 ton p/h.

Yara – Thailand

Fertiliser coating, transporting and filling of 25-50KG bags with robot handling.

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Agron – South Africa

An installation for receiving – distributing – blending and packing of fertiliser products.

Quality and Knowledge

With a family business that has more than 45 years experience in manufacturing blending, bagging and transport equipment and more than 500 installations in 80 countries EMT has proven the industry that quality and expertise always comes first at EMT.

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Installations in over 75 countries

More than 550 installations

Over 45 years of experience


Don’t take only our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We are very satisfied with our choice for an EMT machine.
The machine is very user friendly, easily to operate and the bagging/blending capacity matches our expectation and EMT’s proposal.

Mr. Enoumba

Yara Cameroon

On behalf of BTM and Van de Reijt fertilizers I want to convey our satisfaction of our blendscrew and the other equipment delivered.
As indicated at the time, we had a major challenge to be able to meet the obligations we agreed for the treatment of the urea in a timely manner.
You managed to solve this problem By delivering equipment in a timely delivery in such a way that the delivery of coated urea is under control for us.

Mr. Van Ommer

Van de Reijt / BTM

We purchased a Weighcont blender line with liquid impregnation system from EMT. 

We are very satisfied with the plant and it is running now for 2 years without any problems. We are very satisfied with the after sale support and service from EMT.

Mr. strydom

Malawi Fertilizer Company

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