Portable Box Fill Conveyor

Transport solutions

The portable box fill conveyor is used to fill bulk bays with product. The conveyor is standing on a portable under carriage. This under carriage frame is constructed in mild steel and is adjustable in height by a hydraulic cylinder.
The frame is standing on 2 wheels and has a hitch to move the unit by forklift.
Complete with electrical cables and thermo switches for swiching on/off. Conveyor motor and adjustable in height by a hydraulic cylinder that is driven by an electrical motor pump system.



Capacity of 120 or 200m3 per hour.

Warehouse filling.

Portable machine.

Bulk handling solutions.

The tires of the conveyor are massive so they cannot become flat. Complete portable frame is sandblasted and painted in anti-corrosive paint with a basic primer paint and a 2-component finish paint colour green.
The frame is constructed in such a way that the hopper can be installed on the frame.
So, by moving the conveyor the hopper will be moved together with the conveyor. The machine can reach a capacity of 120 or 200 m3 per hour.

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