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Introducing our industrial transport conveyor – the solution for transporting materials with maximum efficiency and minimal loss.

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Capacity up to 350 ton/m³ per hour.

The conveyor can be adjusted to customer demands.

Normal steel or stainless steel.

This conveyor transports powder and granular materials such as grain or fertilizers.

Our intake hopper is designed with rubber-closing plates that reduce material loss and ensure a smooth, uninterrupted flow. The conveyor is constructed with stainless steel or mild steel U-profiles that are bolted together, creating a robust and durable frame that’s further reinforced with cross bracings.

Our rubber belt is available in two options – a smooth top for horizontal transport, or a Chevron type belt when the conveyor is installed on an incline.
The belt rolls effortlessly on stainless steel rollers and is driven by a drum drive roller or gearbox motor, ensuring a smooth and reliable operation.
The Tri-Rollers at the upper part of the conveyor frame consist of three sections – one middle roller and two side rollers, creating a V-shaped belt that further increases its stability. These rollers are bolted to the conveyor frame, ensuring that they remain in place and provide reliable support for the belt.

Our idler roller is mounted on two bearings, one on each side, and is adjustable with a spanner at two sides, making it easy to regulate the conveyor belt tension. The conveyor also includes a stainless steel chute at the end, which discharges material downwards, providing a convenient and efficient solution.
With a capacity of up to 350 ton/m³ per hour, our industrial transport conveyor is designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging applications. And, best of all, it can be easily adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

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