Transport solutions

The stainless steel elevator is designed for vertical transport.
It transports materials from ground level to different heights.
The height of the Elevator is 3000 mm up to 35000 mm.
An intake hopper is used to fill the Elevator.
The Elevator has a stainless steel boot take up screw, including outboard mounted flange bearings. The return and drive wheel are antiskid rubber lagged. Inspection doors at the top and the bottom of the Elevator guarantee easy cleaning and maintenance.
The capacity of the Elevator is 20 to 250 ton per hour with a density of 1 Ton per 1 m³.
This product can be adjusted to customer demands.

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Capacity is 20 to 250 ton per hour.

Max. heigth of the Elevator is 35000 mm.

Stainless steel construction.

Vertical transport for materials such as grain, powder or fertilizers.


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