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Introducing our  belt conveyor – the solution for transporting powder and granular materials.
With its high-quality construction, our belt conveyor stainless steel U-profiles and a bolted-together frame that’s reinforced with cross bracings, ensuring unparalleled strength and durability. The intake hopper is equipped with rubber-closing plates that prevent material loss, and can be easily removed when necessary.

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Capacity of 20 to 160 ton/m³ per hour.

Stainless steel construction.

Fixed or portable setup possible.

Suitable for grain, powder or fertilizer products.

Our halve moon PVC belt is not only oil and chemical resistant but also designed with small anti-return roll bridges, making it the perfect choice for this conveyor.
The belt rolls effortlessly on stainless steel rollers and is held firmly in place with nails, ensuring a smooth and steady operation.
The Tri-Rollers located at the top of the conveyor frame consist of one middle roller and two side rollers, creating a V-shaped belt that further increases its stability.
These rollers are bolted to the conveyor frame, ensuring that they remain in place and provide reliable support for the belt.
Our drive roller has anti-skid rubber-covered rollers, ensuring that the conveyor belt stays centered, even under challenging conditions.
The drive roller is powered by a motor with V-belts transmission, which guarantees smooth and efficient operation.
The return roller is mounted on two bearings, one on each side, and is adjustable with a stretcher at two sides, making it easy to regulate the conveyor belt tension.
The conveyor also includes a stainless steel chute at the end, which discharges material downwards, providing a convenient and efficient solution.
With a capacity of 160 ton/m³ per hour, our belt conveyor is designed to meet the demands of even the most challenging applications. And, best of all, it can be easily adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

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