Quattro Small Bag Bagging Line.

Bagging solutions

The Quattro Small Bag Bagging Line has got 4 stainless steel (#304) weighing scales with a content of 60 kg (this means 100 liter).

With a hopper at the top the 4 filling scales weigh completely independent of one another.
Two scales are assigned to one bag filler.
This enhances the speed of the machine for when one scale is emptying the other can be filling. This makes it possible for the operators to fill in a high speed of 50 ton per hour for 50 kg bags and 30 ton per hour for 25 kg bags per line. The Quattro small bag bagging line has 4 scales and therefore two filling lines.
This means that the unit can do up to 100 ton per hour in 50 kg bags and 30 ton per hour for the 25 kg bags.
For more details see Small Bag Environmental Closed.



4 Stainless Steel Weighing Scales.

Capacity of 2 x 50 ton per hour for 50 kg bags.
Capacity of 2 x 30 ton per hour for 25 kg bags.

Stainless Steel design.


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