Small Bag Single Unit

Small Bag Single Unit

The Small Bag Single Unit is an automatic bag fill system that can fill bags weighing between 15 to 50 kg.

It is suitable for both powder and granular materials. The unit has a strong steel frame, which stands on four support legs to provide stability to the bagging line and the hopper.
Moreover, the Small Bag Unit comes with a Stainless steel weighing scale with a capacity of 60 kg. It is mounted on a four-holder frame and has a digital load cell that ensures accurate weighing.

The flow of the product to the weighing scale is controlled by a pneumatic halve moon slide mounted under the storage hopper. The system uses a large or fine valve automatically based on the slide’s position while dosing the product.
The filling process is controlled by an electrical switchboard mounted on the filling machine’s side.

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The unit can operate automatically or manually by a weighing indicator. The complete system operates by Pneumatic Stainless steel cylinders with a fibreglass coating. The operator fastens the bag around the filling mouth, and a clamp system holds it in place. The weighed product falls into the bag, and once it’s full, the clamp releases the bag, and the system transports it to a sewing or seal machine.

Notably, the Small Bag Single Unit has an impressive capacity of 400 bags per hour when using an open-mouth system. However, when using a valve system, the unit’s capacity reduces to 300 bags per hour.
Moreover, this product can be customized to meet the customer’s demands, making it a versatile solution.

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Automatic bag fill system for 15 to 50 kg bags.

Capacity is 15 till 20 ton per hour, 300 to 400 bags per hour.

Suitable for granulated or powder products, such as grain or fertilizer.

Stainless steel design.

Valve bagging


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