Small Bag Gross Nett

Bagging solutions

This machine is specially designed for bagging small bags.
The frame is portable and can be placed under the pipe of the big bag unit Low Profile or Economic.

The weighing capacity is from 25 to 50 kg bags. The product, which is weighted in the bag, flows by a conical droptube into the bag.

The bags are kept by a clamp system that holds the bag around the mouth of the filling pipe. The bag holder hangs in 3 load cells. Weighing process for big and fine dosing for the bags works with the existing dosing valve of the big bag line.
Total maximum capacity of the unit is 300 bags per hour for fertilizer.
The electric switchboard controls the fully automatic filling process.
Manual operation is also possible.

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Compact machine.

Portable and easy to install and operate.

25 -50 kg bags filling.

Installing under existing hopper or big bag unit Low Profile or Economic.


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