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Bagging solutions

This stainless steel bagging line can automatically fill bags from 15 to 50 kg (the weight is adjustable) with a capacity of 800 to 1000 bags per hour.
The machine is complete closed and is constructed to fill bags dust free. This bagging machine has two stainless steel (#304) weighing scales with a content of 60 kg (100 liter).

These weighing systems operate independantly of each other, so it is possible to achieve a high filling capacity.

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Automatic bag fill system for 15 to 50 kg bags.

Capacity is 40 to 50 ton per hour, 800 to 1000 bags per hour.

Suitable for granulated or powder products, such as grain or fertilizer.

Stainless steel design, Completely dust closed

Both weighing scales are hanging in 3 digital load cells, which are connected to a digital indicator. A pneumatical slide, which is mounted under the storage hopper, controls the flow of the product to the weighing scale. The dosing happens automatically by means of this slide, by a big and fine opening. Stainless steel pneumatic cylinders operate the complete system.

These cylinders are being activated by electro pneumatical valves. The weighing scale hopper unloads the material into a stainless steel hopper. The machine capacity is 45 ton per hour for 50 kg bags. And 25 ton per hour for 25 kg. bags. The working method is, the operator fastens the bag around the filling mouth and pushes on the start button. This button activates the clamp system so the bag will stay around the mouth. The weighed product automatically falls into the bag. The filling time is adjustable by means of a timer on the switchboard. As soon as the bag has been filled, the clamp automatically releases the bag. The system brings the full bag to the sewing or seal machine via the conveyor and the filling process starts again.

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