Roll Form Fill – FFS

The Roll Form Fill Unit can be installed under the bagging Lines of EMT or under an existing bagging line.
The FFS machine uses a polyethylene tubing film.

This plastic film is installed on a roll and the machine automatically brings the plastic film to the filling spout of the bagging line.
The RFF machine is automatically cutting and sealing the bag on the required size.
The system works full automatic and will have a capacity, depending of the machine type, from 500 till 1500 bags per hour. The requested capacity can only be achieved when the weighing system and the bag removing transport system also has enough capacity.

The machine is constructed from mild steel and all product contacting machine parts are constructed from stainless steel.
The RFF is completely closed with a safety frame with plastic glass.
There is a need for 380/410 volt and 8 bar of pneumatic operating air.

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For Polyetyleen bags on a rol.

To install under a Environmental and Double bagging line.

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