Hand Operated Smal Bag Bagging Line

Bagging solutions

Bagging hopper constructed out of stainless steel with the size of 2300 x 2300mm and a filling volume of 3000kg.

The hopper is constructed in this way that the outlet of the hopper cone is at one side. In this way it is possible to hold the bags under the hopper and to manually open a slide valve. This valve is made of stainless steel, also the sliding pipe is made of stainless steel.

The bag is held up at the frame of the platform clock scale. All mild steel components are painted with 1 layer of primer paint and a second layer of 2 component finishing painting, color green. On the side of the hopper there is constructed a steel support frame, where the sewing machine can hang on.

This machine is completely manually operated.
There is 1 bag fill pipe under the hopper.
Filling height is 3500mm

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Completely manual working.

No power required.

Low costs.


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