Impregnation Systems

  •  for charge – batch blenders.
  •  for blending Screw Auger.
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Liquid Impregnation System for charge – batch blenders.

This system is provided with a plastic tank of 100 litres, a pump and a motor. Furthermore, an automatic time delay counter has been mounted into an electrical panel with hoses, nozzles and a valve impregnation pipe.  The system is completely integrated for automatic dosing inside the blender. isis


Impregnation system for blending Screw Auger.

This pump is electrically operated and is adjustable in capacity by changing the speed of the pump motor by a frequency transformer. Starting and stopping of the pump is regulated manually or automatically on the electrical panel.

There is a spray system integrated on the incline-blender auger. The pipes and nozzles are constructed out of stainless steel. The pump itself pumps the impregnation liquid out of a 200-liter drum, or out of a 1000 liter container. Including sucking pipe for a 200 liter drum and a connection screw connector to connect to the 1000 liter drum. Max. pressure 8 bar and delivery with spraying bar where it is possible to add different nozzles on.