Big Bag Marking

Big bag marking with inkjet pistol or labeling of big bags.

  • Inkjet printer in pistol design.
  • Labeling of big bags.

Inkjet Pistol to print on FIBC big bags (jumbo bags)

  • Inkjet printer in pistol design.
  • Compact and flexible in use.
  •  Used to mark big bags.
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Inkjet Pistol

This is a hand operated Inkjet unit that can be moved around a big bag.
The pistol works with a battery and has an inkjet cartridge inside.
The pistol will be filled with data information by an infra red transmitter from a PC.
By moving the pistol over the bag side, a small wheel is turning and the pistol is spraying the information on the bag.
The unit is easily to operate and the data can be changed easily in the pc.