Vertical Blender

Vertical charge (batch) blender.

  • Capacity per charge is 5,5 – 7 – 9 -11,5 and 14,5 ton/ m³.
  • Capacity 20 to 60 ton per hour.
  • Compact design.
  • Weighing and blending in one machine.
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The Vertical blender is suitable for powder and granular fertilizers production. The machine processes all raw materials into an excellent blend. When the machine has produced a blend, it can be transported to a bag filling station. The clever design makes it possible for the machine to be installed in space-confined areas.

The blending principle of this machine is absolutely unique. A tapering auger is used, which means that this auger has a width of 101 cm at the bottom and a width of 55 cm at the top. This gives an excellent blending quality.

The bottom cone of the blender has a 60-degree angle to eliminate product build-up inside the container. The blender discharges the materials at the bottom using a half-moon Salem valve. A pneumatic cylinder is used to open the valve. The blender can be filled with a loader; this loader will fill the hopper with the raw materials. The hopper is located at the side of the blender. A screen inside the hopper catches lumps, wood and all other kind of material that does not belong in the product. The blend auger transports the materials inside the blender where the actual blending takes place. The blades of this auger are 9 mm thick. The Vertical blender is constructed of stainless steel. The top of the blender is closed, however it does contain an inspection gate. The machine stands on 4 support legs and a mild steel scale frame. Beneath each leg a stainless steel load cell has been mounted. At the top of the blender a gearbox has been mounted. The motor is located beside the blender and is driven by V-belts. The machine contains a digital indicator and a large display.

This product can be adjusted to customer demands.