Argon South Africa


Factory project

An installation for receiving – distribution – blending and packing of fertiliser products


Agron – South Africa

EMT has done a lot of work in South Africa. The client AGRON in Marble Hall, has bought an installation for receiving – distribution – blending and packing of fertiliser products.
AGRON is a distributor and dealer of fertiliser products and collects grain of existing clients in the neighbourhood of the company. Agron has also a very big farm with 20.000 ha. built space.

In the summer of 2015, EMT shipped these machines in 14 sea containers by truck to the port of Rotterdam and then by ship to South Africa.
Agron invested in a truck bulk product receiving hopper. In South Africa they use side wards tipping bulk lorries instead of backwards tipping lorries.

All installed machines are constructed in stainless steel #304. The hopper has a content of 15 ton of fertiliser and has been placed above the ground. From this hopper the product is transported via conveyor systems to the bulk box storage warehouse.
In this product intake line there are placed 2 screens, which sift out the fertiliser quality. The capacity is 80 tons per hour. One screen sifts out the fine materials of ± 1% under the 1,5mm and the other screen sifts out all particles above 6mm from the good product. Agron chose these two screens because of the high capacity and the required screen space.
The fertiliser products are stored in 12 different boxes and there has been placed a mobile conveyor system.

Custom designed

Agron invested in 2 blender lines and packing systems for big bags and 25-50 kg bags as well. The fertiliser blender line products are picked up by a forklift with loader and this is transported to the Weighcont Blender.
The Weighcont Blender line is a loss-in-weight-declining continuous blending process; the weight control in the blending machine secures the good quality.

The machine is being operated via a computer program which accurately controls the blend process. Via this computer dosing program and factory visualisation, the operator has full control on the whole process at his computer screen.
After blending the fertiliser, the blend is transported in a continuous flow with conveyor and elevator systems to the 2 packing machines: the big bag filing machine and the small bagging machine, for 25-50 kg bags.
The capacity of the Weighcont Blender is adapted to the packing capacity of 60 tons per hour for the big bags and 40 ton per hour for the small bags.

In this set up at Agron, the blender can blend 100 till 120 tons per hour. The big bag line is a High Speed type of machine; the weighing in this type of machine works as a nett weighing, in a stainless steel weighing scale with a content of 1300 kg, above the big bag. The client uses 1, 2 or 4 loop big bags. The small bagging machine operates with the same process of nett weighing, but filling of bags is done by means of 1 filling pipe and 2 weighing scales.

Factory setup

All machines are digitally connected with each other, so it is very easy for the supplier to log in and give services from a distance. This means that the IOT (Internet of things) is commonplace.

Despite the distance, the connection possibilities nowadays are a big advantage for Agron and EMT.

There is hardly any time difference between Europe (Holland) and Africa, this means that during normal working hours service can be asked and given from a distance.

Agron chose this Dutch company because they have a high level of service. All machines for this project are produced and supplied by EMT. One supplier for the complete project was a good choice for Agron.
With the client’s assistance, the EMT technician has installed a great installation, to the satisfaction of the customer Agron.
The total machine project has a value of one million EURO.


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