Portable Coating Unit Liquid with Conveyor

Coating options

The process with the portable coating unit liquid with conveyor begins by depositing urea into a weighing hopper, from which it flows into a blend auger.
Here, it can be sprayed with an impregnation liquid before moving onto a transport conveyor. The blend auger and conveyor are adjustable using an electric hydraulic pump.
The weighing hopper has an intake height of 4.0 meters, while the maximum discharge height at the end of the conveyor is 5.0 meters. The entire system is controlled by a computerized indicator device, ensuring precise and efficient operation.
A great solution for fertilizer coating.
The target rate for this system is 120 tons per hour, equivalent to 170 cubic meters per hour (with a SG of 0.7).


The Main Features

Inhibitor impregnation

Capacity 80 mᵌ to 200 mᵌ ton per hour.

Conveyor at the end of blend screw.


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