Portable Coating 120mᵌ

Coating solutions

Introducing our portable coating machine with a 120m capacity. Built with a heavy-duty frame and wheels.
Easily movable by forklift or truck.

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The Main Features

Inhibitor impregnation

Capacity 120 mᵌ – 80 ton per hour.

Portable machine on wheels

Introducing our state-of-the-art urea coating machine for fertilizer coating. The system features a weighing hopper to discharge bulk material, controlled by a slide and loss in weight system for precise output control. The material then enters the blending screw, designed to blend granular and powdery material with liquid. An additional inlet facilitates the input of liquid product.
Near the blending screw, a pump is installed to extract material from an IBC or tank. The IBC or tank, placed on a weighing scale, allows for accurate measurement of material flow using the loss in weight technique. Our user-friendly software system, integrated into the electrical panel’s HMI, ensures seamless operation and intuitive control.
Experience efficient and precise fertilizer coating with our water-soluble fertilizer coating machine.

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