Coating Container CLCU

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Introducing our containerized Liquid Coating Unit.
The containerized liquid coating unit is especially constructed so that the complete machine is installed in a 20ft/6 m container with stainless steel feed tank and a flooded suction pump and works on 2 x weight system information to check the flow of the product and liquid flow and blending screw auger. The container top is closed by a flexible cover seal (like trailer covers).

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The Main Features

Inhibitor impregnation

Capacity 120 mᵌ to 80 mᵌ per hour.

The machine is integrated in a container.

The weight hopper is integrated in the container and the blending screw auger can be pulled on a specially constructed support frame.

Blending Incline Coating Screw 120M³
Blending incline coating screw under the hopper.
This screw is constructed of stainless steel and is completely closed with stainless steel bearings and cover. Capacity of this screw auger is 120 tons per hour especially if micro components are required for the blending. The screw is placed under an angle of 20° and discharges into an elevator or conveyor.

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