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Blending solutions

The Weighcont Blender, renowned for its precision and versatility in powder and granular fertilizer production, is now available in a mobile version.

We’ve taken the same reliable technology and built it into a trailer, offering you the same high-quality blending capabilities on various locations.

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The Main Features

120 tons per hour (standard machine)

Possibility for a custom built machine.

4 hoppers, full automatically blender line,

Computer controlled.


The Weighcont Blender Trailer is designed to process all raw materials into an exceptional blend, just like our standard model. The standard Weighcont trailer exists of a 4 hoppers with a capacity of 5 tons and has a practical capacity at continuous use of 120 tons per hour.

This machine can be customized with an number of hoppers depending on trailer specifications. Also all other specifications can be customized allowing you to tailor the machine to your specific needs.

This machine also has the option for liquid adding possibilities which makes it possible to add liquid in the blendscrew with a weighted IBC-system.

Computer controlled

The Weighcont Blender Trailer features multiple stainless steel hoppers, each mounted on a digital weigh system for precise metering of raw materials.

With automatic dosing and metering corrections, you can trust that your materials are flowing through the conveyor at the exact rate required for perfect fertilizer blending.
The open tops of our hoppers allow for easy filling using a loader or forklift.

Our computer command and control system makes operation a easy. Each hopper features a large display providing information on the type of material and its weight, giving you complete control over the blending materials.

Liquid Adding

The liquid adding option allows for the precise addition of liquid products to your granular raw materials, such as NBPT, Anti dust, Anti Caking or colouring liquid, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of your fertilizer mix.

An pump is installed near the blending screw to extract material from an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) or tank.

The IBC or tank is placed on a weighing scale, allowing for accurate measurement of material flow using the loss-in-weight technique.

By weighing and pumping the product in to the blend screw a precise and even blend is ensured.
With our user-friendly software system, operated from the electrical panel, tablet or laptop a seamless operation and intuitive control are ensured.

This system allows you to monitor and adjust the blending process in real-time, ensuring the highest quality blends.
With the Weighcont Blender Trailer, you can trust in the production of accurate and high-quality fertilizer blends every time, wherever you need it.

Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and how the Weighcont Blender Trailer can revolutionize your production process.


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