Kraus – Tyler

Blending solutions

The Kraus/Tyler blender is suitable for powder and granular fertilizers. The machine processes all raw materials into an excellent blend. When the machine has produced a blend it can be transported to a bag filling station.


The Main Features

Capacity per charge 5 and 7 ton/m³ .

Capacity per hour 20 to 35 ton per hour.

Weighing and blending in one machine.

Heavy duty design, open top filling.

Kraus – Tyler

The stainless steel Kraus-Tyler paddle blender must be filled from the top with a loader. A steel screen that catches lumps has been mounted on top of the machine. A forklift can remove this screen. The blender has a steel-stirring arm on which paddles are connected. A chain drives the stir arm. The stir arm inside the machine moves the material to the discharge gate when the machine is unloading. The number of rotations of this arm is 5 times per minute. The blending process takes 3 minutes. A motor with gearbox drives the stir arm. The whole blender unit stands on 4 load cells with a digital indicator and a large display. The discharge gate is located at the middle of the machine. The blender is standing on a mild steel framework. The blending content of the Kraus blender is 5 metric ton. The capacity is 15 to 30 ton/m³ per hour. The blending content of the Tyler blender is 7 metric ton. The capacity is 30 to 40 ton/m³ per hour. 

This product can be adjusted to customer demands.

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