Blending Screw Auger

Blending solutions

The Screw Auger blender transports material from the Weighcont blender to the transport equipment.

The stainless steel Screw Auger is placed after the outlet of the Weighcont blender central conveyor. The Screw Auger can give additional blending, which is necessary if micro components or liquids are required for the blend.

The Screw Auger is closed by a stainless steel cover. The Screw is placed under an angle of maximal 25º. Because of special return flow design a good blending of the material is guaranteed. The dimensions of the body are 500 mm wide.

The length of the conveyor is 4000 mm. The capacity of the machine is 120 metric ton. Ricric mm dimensions of the body are 500 mmits special retusp

This product can be adjusted to customer demands.


The Main Features

Complete closed design.
Special designed for Weighcont blender.

Capacity from 1 to 200 ton per hour.

Stainless steel construction.

Blender computer animation

Blendscrew in action


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