Triple portable container 10ft/3meter

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Introducing our Triple Portable Container FIBC Big Bag Fill System, designed to provide a robust and reliable solution for filling your FIBC bags with ease.

This machine has a capacity of up to 70 tons per hour, making it an efficient and effective option for any operation.

Our Big Bag Fill Line is fully integrated into three 10 ft (3 meter) containers, allowing for easy portability and flexibility. Whether you need to move the machine to a different location or simply adjust its position on your site, this Triple Portable Container FIBC Big Bag Fill System provides the convenience and versatility you need.

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The Main Features

High capacity for filling big bags up to 240 bags from 100 kg to 1250 kg. 100 to 140 ton/m³ per hour.

Transportable in normal trailer.
Usable at ship discharging places or inside buildings.

Capacity 60 ton per hour ( 120 big bags of 500 to 600 kg or 60 bags of 1000 to 1250 kg)

Triple Portable Container 10 foot / 3 meter.

The line is portable and can be moved to every decided place. The system consists of 1 weighing scale in the middle container, to weigh the product. The weighing slide discharges the product directly into the FIBC big bag. The big bags are removed by the chain conveyor unit. The container body’s are made of mild steel, but storage hopper, weigh scale and fill pipe are all constructed of stainless steel #304. The machine operates with a Salter Weightronix weigh indicator. The complete bag fill operation can be done by 1 operator to fill the bags and to close the bags. One forklift moves the bags away.

The complete line is portable and can be moved by ship/truck and fits in a trailer. Assembly of the Triple Portable Container big bag line is easy to do. The total system height is 6250 mm. The chain conveyor and the 3 containers are installed by a forklift. The 3 containers have 3 door openings to bring the big bags out and to have the possibility to bring empty big bags into the container and to have access to the middle container.

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