Portable Container Single Scale 20 foot / 6 meter

Bagging solutions

Introducing our Portable FIBC Big Bag Fill System, capable of filling up to 70 tons per hour.

Our state-of-the-art big bag fill line is fully integrated within a 20 ft (6 meter) container, making it completely portable and easy to move to any desired location. The system features a durable stainless steel fill elevator and a weighing scale conveniently placed under the hopper to accurately measure the product.

With a weighing slide that directly discharges the product into the FIBC big bag, this machine is both efficient and reliable. The roller conveyor unit allows for easy removal of the filled big bag.
Built with quality materials, the container body is made of mild steel while the elevator, storage hopper, weigh scale, and fill pipe are all constructed of high-grade stainless steel #304.
Our machine is powered by a Siemens control PLC and Salter Weightronix weigh indicator for optimal performance.

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The Main Features

The elevator is integrated in the container.

One big bag weighing hopper is integrated in the container, the same as the big bag High Speed.

Capacity 70 ton per hour, 140 big bags of 500 – 600 kg per hour and 70 big bags of 1000 to 1500 kg per hour.

The bag filling process can be efficiently handled by a single operator responsible for filling and another operator for bag closure. Depending on the distance, one or two forklifts can assist in moving the bags. The line is fully portable and can be transported by ship/truck, fitting into a trailer. Assembling the Triple Portable Container big bag line is simple with a total system height of 6250 mm. The chain conveyor and three containers can be installed by a forklift, with three door openings for easy access to the big bags and the middle container. Additionally, the compressor, intake hopper, and bag roll conveyor can be conveniently transported in the second container.

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