Platform Scale

platform scale

Our Platform Scale is constructed to weigh big bags and has a platform size of 1220 X 1220 mm.
The scale is constructed of mild steel. At the underside of the platform are installed the 4 load cells. The top of the platform is made from an anti slip tear plate and the platform thickness is 5 mm. all cable’s are protected in a tube under the platform.
The weighing capacity is total 2000 kg. with a read out of 0,5 kg. for each step.The weight indicator is a WI-125 from Salter Avery Weightronix. This indicator is constructed in stainless steel and IP65 dust and water closed. The indicator has the possibility to type in the tarra of a bag just by the numeric keypad.
The read out indicator is standing on a mild steel support, free from the platform.
Power supply is 220 Volt.
It is possible to expand this indicator with an extra output card, than it is possible to make an automatic dosing, just by setting by the numeric keypad set points.

The platform and indicator are approved and certified by the European Union.
Weight and measure control offices Class III.
The complete unit is calibrated at the factory and can be used directly for exact weighing. The same working process is also suitable for the roller platform scale. Than the big bags can we weighed on the roller conveyor. This roller conveyor will transport the bags away from the filling spout of the big bag line.

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The Main Features

Weighing capacity max. 2000KG

Digital indicator and loadcells

Approved by the European union


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