Junior Big Bag

Bagging solutions

This FIBC filling installation has a capacity of 25 tons per hour with big bags of 1000 kg and approximately 50 bags of 500/600 kg per hour. This system has a weighing capacity of 6000 kg. maximum and a read-out pro 1000 grams. The hopper is installed on four stainless steel load cells with rubber flexible buffer. These load cells are mounted on the hopper frame and the scale hopper is hanging into this frame.
Under the storage hopper is mounted an automatic operated valve for opening the gate under this hopper to fill the big bag. With this valve the dosing is operated with a big opening and a fine one regulated by the weighing indicator..

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The Main Features

Filling by metering needed amount of material out of the hopper.

Weighing proces by negative weight out of the hopper.

Capacity 30 ton per hour..

Junior Big Bag

The hopper is unloading in a stainless steel pipe which fits in the big bag. The scale system is working with an Avery “Weightronix type E1110 digital scale indicator. The whole unit is operating with 380Volt power.

The big bag will be held up and closed around the filing pipe manually, so there is no dust coming free during filling of the big bag. Before the big bag will be filled, a ventilator will blow up the big bag so the big bag has its full size. By the filling of the bag the weight is declining out of the hopper. The weight indicator regulates the material flow by opening and closing the fill slide this will be done by a big and fine opening. This regulation is done by a stainless steel pneumatic cylinder, this means there is a need for pneumatic air with a pressure of max. 6 bar. The machine can be constructed in mild or stainless steel. The frame is made of mild steel. The bagging unit is pre-cabled and tested at the factory. The weigh system is suitable for Weight and Measurements. The weighing accuracy is on 1000 gr.
This product can be adjusted to customer demands.

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