Big Bagging for mineral stone

Bagging solutions

Introducting big bagging for mineral stone. By means of the conveyor the product will be transported to the top of the weigh hopper. At the end of the transport conveyor there is a small dosing vibrator installed. Under this is a pneumatic valve mounted for opening the gate under this hopper to the weight scale hopper. With this vibrator the dosing is automatically operated with a big flow and a fine flow.
The whole system is operating with pneumatic stainless steel slides.

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The Main Features

Full automatic or hand control

Weigh system is suitable for Weight and Measurements.

Capacity 60-70 big bags/ton per hour (1000 kg bags)
Capacity 100-120 bags per hour (500 kg bags)

Big Bagging for Mineral Stone

The weight scale hopper is unloading in a mild steel pipe which fits in the big bag. The scale system is working with 1 Penko digital scale indicator. The whole unit is operating with 24-Volt D C power to the machine. The weighing steps are 500 grams.

The filling height will be custom specified per customer according to the height of the big bags that will be used in the production process.
Weigh system is suitable for Weight and Measurements. (EU Certificate number T5582).

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