Big Bag Filling Hopper

Bag Filling

Introducing our big bag filling hopper. This hopper is specially designed to fill big bags.
The open big bag filler is robust designed of normal steel and can optionally be coated with rubber to prevent damage of the product.
This practice proven technology offers an affordable and efficient way to bag potatoes, onions, grain and other products in big bags.

The open big bag filler is filled with an box filer, forklift bucket or another transport system. After placing the big bag under the filler the bottom slide will be opened and the big bag filler will be lifted up. The product runs fast and very evenly in the big bag. The big bag will stand straight and stable.

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The Main Features

Long lifetime

Product friendly


Big Bag Filling hopper

The big bag filler is made of normal steel of 3 mm with forklift plug-in profiles and 4 big bag holding hooks. Treated with primer and a 2 components finish coating, color green.Additional implementation
Equipped with round spout of 500 mm diameter with leather bag clamp to create a dust free filling.

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Big bag filling hopper


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