Basic Big Bag


The big bag is standing on the platform scale or roller scale conveyor on the floor. The filling height of the filling pipe is adjustable in height over a length of 50 cm. The filling height is made on the size of the big bag, which is for example at EMT. The big bag will be held up and closed around the filing pipe manually so that there will no dust coming free during filling of the big bag.
Before filling the big bag will be filled with air by a ventilator, so the big bag is easily to fill with the material. The frame is made of mild steel. The bagging unit is pre-cabled and tested at the factory. The weigh system is suitable for Weight and Measurements. The weighing accuracy is on 500 gr.

With the big bag Basic filling system it is possible to fill the big bags when there is product filled into the hopper. The hopper is closed at the top with a plywood cover.
The total height of the unit is 6400mm.
The wide is 2480 mm
The length is 2360 mm

The platform scale is a Salter Weightronix platform constructed of mild steel. The dimensions of the platform are 122x122cm. The big bag is standing on a pallet and can be moved by a forklift or by the roller scale conveyor.

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The Main Features


Filling by hand (controled by operator)


Volumatric filling, no weighing.


Capacity 30 till 40 ton per hour.


Constructed of normal steel or stainless steel

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