Portable Container 10 foot / 3 meter.

Bagging solutions

Portable container bag fill system with a capacity of 25-40 tons per hour, in 50 kg. bags.
A bag fill line that is completelyintegrated in 2,5 normal 10ft (3 meter) containers.
The line is portable and can be moved to every decided place.
The machine capacity is up to 1.000 bags of 25-50 kg per hour. For 25 kg bags the capacity is 25 ton per hour.

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In two 10 foot (3 meter) containers.

In two 10 foot (3 meter) containers.

900 bags of 50 or 25 kg. per hour capacity.

Stainless steel weighing scales.
Two weighing scales or fill pipe.

This system is comprised of two 10ft containers stacked on top of each other. The top containers house two weighing scales for precise product measurement, which then flow directly into bags via a single fill mouth. A single conveyor unit is used to remove the filled bags.
The containers are made of mild steel, while the container pipes, hopper, weighing scales, and fill pipes are constructed from stainless steel #304. The machine operates using a weight control PLC and digital weigh indicators.
The bag filling process requires two operators, one to fill the bags and the other to close them using a sewing machine. The entire line is portable and can be moved via ship or truck forklift. The compressor and fill hopper are located in the top container, and the load-out conveyors are loaded separately, as needed, in a third container.
Assembly of the container bag line is simple, with the containers requiring placement on top of each other using a crane or forklift to reach a height of 6.150 mm. Both sides of the container have door openings to remove filled bags and to allow for the introduction of empty bags.

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