Small Bag / Big Bag Combi

25 to 50 kg. bagging system with big bag filling possibility.

  • Machine design is the same as small bag Double and small bag Environmental.
  • Designed to fill small bags and FIBC big bags.
  • Automatic bag fill system for 15 to 50 kg bags and FIBC big bags from 100 to 1500 kg.
  • Capacity for small bags is 50 ton per hour (50 kg bags)
  • Capacity for big bags is 30 ton per hour ( 1000 kg bags)
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With this machine it is possible to fill with the small bag Double Unit (see description small bag Double Unit)  also FIBC big bags.

The filling spout of the small bags can be moved to the side on a rail system. The big bag filling spout will be moved under the two weighing  scales. In this way, it is possible to fill the big bags by weighing one by one automatically the two scales of 100 kg, so for 1000 kg there is a need for 10 x weighing of 100 kg.

The filling mouth will also be connected to the ventilator, which blows up the big bag before filling. There is an extra slide installed which closes the filling pipe during blowing of the ventilator. There are connectors installed to plug in and unplug the electrical and pneumatic lines during changing of the filling mouths.

The hour capacity for the small bags     = 800 bags per hour.

The hour capacity for the big bags        =   30 bags of 1000 kg or 60 bags of 500 kg.