Forklift Bucket

Product pick up bucket.

  • Bucket to install on normal forklift.
  • Hydraulic operated.
  • Easy to click on fork board of forklift.
  • Strong design.
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Solid hydraulic operated pick up bucket which can be installed on the fork board of a normal forklift. The fork needs to be removed and the pick up bucket will be hanging on the fork board. The bucket is constructed out of 8 mm thick steel plate with a reinforced welded mangaan bar (Hardox 120 x 20) at the pick up place where the bucket reaches the floor.The bucket is made with 1 or 2 hydraulic cylinders (depending of bucket type). Bucket can be connected and disconnected to the fork board with a quickly hand connect system. The product includes 2 hydraulic hoses with quick connections to the fork board. Fork board type FEM II or FEM III or IV.