Factory Setup

Different designs of fertilizer factories.

  • New buildings as well as existing buildings.
  • Here under you can see a question list for designing a fertilizer storage.



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1 Detailed knowledge of the market to be served, tonnage request

2 Adequate supplies of suitable granular fertilizers to use as raw materials for blending

3 Suitable storage for the fertilizer

4 Adequate equipment for blending and bagging

5 Logistic structure for the fertilizer supply and after the product is blended.

6 Good management and worker skill

7 Calculating of the formulations by an optimisation  program

8 Investigate the climatic condition, for example high moisture in buildings

9 Fertilizer type to use regarding agricultural demands

10 Supply of the raw materials in bulk – FIBC – Small bags to blender line or to the farmers

11 Harbour facilities to receive the fertilizer or to export

12 Government legislation regarding import/export duties.

13 Energy supply possibility to the blending plant

14 Environmental situation (volcanoes, high water, tornados , extreme rain in a certain period

15 Estimate plant size regarding the fertilizer through put, intake equipment capacity, storage capacity

16 Transport equipment inside the buildings, forklift, loading machines etc.

17 Avoiding of segregation of the fertilizer after blending

18 Testing – Laboratory facilities for the analysis testing

19 Do you want to screen the fertilizer before or after blending to reduce dust or big particles

20 Adequate dividing wall between the different fertilizers

21 Knowledge about the chemical compatibility of the fertilizer what will be used

22 Possibility of automating the blending plant

23 Increasing capacity in future, by use of the already existing equipment