Portable Coating Unit Liquid with Conveyor


  • Inhibitor impregnation.
  • Capacity 80 mᵌ  to 200 mᵌ ton per hour.
  • Conveyor at the end of blend screw.
  • Weighing control of main product and liquids.
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The urea is deposited in a weighing hopper. Next it will flow into a blend auger where it can be sprayed with an impregnation  liquid. After that it will flow onto transport conveyor. The blend auger and the transport conveyor can be moved up and down by means of an electric hydraulic pump.

The intake height of the weighing hopper is 4,0 meters. The maximum discharge height at the end of the conveyor is 5,0 meters.

All controlled by a computerized indicator device.

Target rate is 120 ton per hour = 170 m3 per hour (SG = 0,7).