Coating High Capacity 300 mᵌ Per Hour

  • Inhibitor impregnation.
  • Capacity 3oo mᵌ per hour.
  • Container frame construction.
  • Weighing control of main product and liquids.
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High Capacity Inhibitor Coating Unit

Unit for treating a fertilizer product with inhibitor liquid. All controlled by a computerised indicator device. The machine is operating automatically by a HMI panel. This panel combines with a PLC operate the machine line. The software is developed to have a loss in weight combination control for the amount of urea flow, the amount of Inhibitor flow, the amount of liquid to spray. This information is combined in the HMI and PLC indicator, to assure a good quality of the end product. Changings and start and stop of the machine line will be done by pushing the digital buttons on the HMI panel.

The complete machine will fit on a low load trailer. On location, the modules can be moved with the help of a forklift or a loader.



Capacity of the machine line is based on the following characteristics:

Urea output flow         minimum 100 t/hr, max 300 t/hr

Target rate                  300 t/hr = 450 m3 per hour.

Density based on 700 kg urea in 1.000 litres = SG 0,7.