Big Bag Fill Control Unit by Belt, Conveyor and Scale.


  • The unit is specially built for an aggressive surrounding.
  • All parts like bolts, nuts, etc. are made of Stainless steel #304.
  • Compact machine set up.
  • The unit can run automatically and by hand.
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The stainless steel transport conveyor belt is installed on a mild steel support frame.

The conveyor discharges to a height of 3.000 mm.

At the discharge end of the belt a round pipe with a diameter of 250mm is installed. This pipe is adjustable in height.

The height of the pipe and the driven roller conveyor can be adapted to customer’s need before production, depending on customer’s bag type.

With this unit a ventilator is also included, to blow air into the big bag before filling and an electrical control panel. The bag will be kept to the fill pipe by the operator with a hand operated bag clamp. The system has an electrical weigh unit under the big bag that checks the weight of the product that goes in the big bag. Dosing is first done by big dosing so the machine can fill the bag quickly, when the target weight is almost reached the machine will start fine dosing to ensure the needed amount is reached precisely.

The big and fine dosing is done by the cylinder that is placed under the conveyor outlet, just above the bag inlet.

A compressor is needed to fill the bag with air before starting to fill.

The belt conveyor starts and stops according to the weight information of the platform roller scale.

An electrical panel is mounted at the side of the bagging machine. This controls the bagging operation. The whole unit can run full automatic by the weight indicator.

This system has a weighing capacity of 2000 kg.