Big Bag 4 Loops and pallet


  • Capacity of 0-40 tons per hour.
  • All parts touching the fertilizer are made out of stainless steel.
  • All bolts and nuts are made out of stainless steel 304.
  • All mild steel parts are painted with a 2 component primer and two components Epoxy coating.
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A dosing valve is directly placed under an existing silo. This valve automatically doses with a coarse and a fine flow.


The whole system works with pneumatic stainless steel cylinders.

Below the valve a stainless steel pipe which fits in a big bag mouth guides the fertilizer flow into the big bag.

The whole unit is operating with 24-Volt DC power.


The big bag is standing on a plateau which is equipped with hooks that keep the big bag in place.

Weighing is done through load cells and a Penko Indicator.

The filling height is changeable and depends on the size of the big bag.


This system has a capacity of 0-40 tons per hour for 1000 kg big bags when the bag is transported on a pallet.

With bags of 500 kg the maximum capacity is 20 tons, or 40 bags per hour.

The capacity depends on the quality of the product and the operators.