Big Bagging

Bagging solutions

Our efficient, customizable bagging equipment minimizes waste and optimizes productivity. Contact us for manual or automated systems, and complete blending and transport solutions.

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Our machines

Big Bag Highspeed

Big bag low profile portable

Big Bag Economic low profile

Big bag filling system in 3 20ft/6m containers with 2 big bag filling lines

Big bag filling system in 3 20ft/12m container

Portable container FICB bag fill system

Portable container single scale 20ft/6m

Big bag highspeed twin

Big bag small bag combi

Portable big bag machine in a 40ft/12m container

Triple portable container 10ft/3meter

Big bag fill control unit by belt conveyor and scale

Big bagging for mineral stone

Big bag conveyor filling

Big bag auger filling

Basic big bag

Junior big bag

Big Bag filling hopper

Big Bag conveyor

Big bag 4 hang loops

Big bag 4 loops and pallet

Platform scale

Big bag handling and discharge unit


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